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Loser Anthems Promo.. Not To Brag Or Anything

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A couple of days ago a friend of mine said "hey, you like Matt Good, right?" and handed me this. My jaw dropped. I think I should get it framed.


It's pretty cool, aside from the exterior changes the CD itself has a little blue panda cartoon panda on the surface that is just blank in the retail version.


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I think all the blue promo copies say oneoffivehundred. Walrus, you joined just to brag about that? Classy. B)

Nuh uh, I specifically said in the thread title that it's "not to brag or anything".



Jeez, c'mon. Some learning comprehension would be nice here, people.










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why did your friend just give it to you? how did he get it?

apparantly he used to have a neighbour who worked at a radio station. One day she came by his house with a box of CDs and said he could have his pick, and among the ones he grabbed was my new most prized possession. He told me he never even listened to it, just noticed it one day and gave it to me.

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