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Liberals Won Bc Election

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I'm quite happy that the NDP lost. Last time they were in parlement they dug BC so far into dept, and I'd be scared to give them all the power agian. Sure, the Liberals made some cuts where they shouldn't of, but we are finally almost out of the hole. Of course the Liberals don't have all the seats, which is also a good thing, last election they had all but (I beleive it was) two seats? What a one sided government. I have a feeling that these next four years are going to be far better than the last eight. But hey, knock on wood.

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Actually, we're further in debt than we were in 2001, because in the last couple of NDP years we had huge surpluses that the NDP was putting towards the debt, while the first thing the Liberals (like so many neoconservative administrations before them - Harris, Thatcher, Raegan, Bush) did when they came into power was run a huge deficit. And another, and another. We've got a surplus now, but not as big as in 2001, and I'll bet anyone a hundred bucks we see at least one more deficit budget in the next few Liberal years.


Here's the part where MAtt enters and responds with "No the NDP was teh debt!!1"

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The only debt we have created is for assets, such as the RAV line, which can help B.C. in the future. If our transportation system falls into disrepair or becomes worse than it is, tourists might consider visiting other places. By having a transportation system that works well, we are more likely to keep those tourists here.


Also here's something I mentioned in another topic:

Most referendums in B.C. need a 60 percent majority to pass I believe, so it's not like this is anything new.


Also the N.D.P. had created many projects (but on a smaller scale) like that.


But the N.D.P. are the ones that started privitization, they're the ones that gave away fish farm licenses (the Liberals have only given out one), etc., the N.D.P. are no saints. The idea that the Liberals are so terrible, and the N.D.P. are so great is un-true, the N.D.P. has promised the same promises they have in the past in this election. The Liberals have made investments into health care that will start paying off soon, such as the increased spaces in medical school, I believe there are new facilities that will be opening up soon too. Education is better than it was, Gordon Campbell has simply focused on the education system rather than the teacher's demands. He has added in more tests, to make the system more literate, English classes have become a requirement in Post-Secondary, these are good things for students. The Liberals had a choice fix up long term care facilities or add more beds, they choose to fix up the facilities so that they can continue to improve them. Fixing the problems takes a long time, there is no overnight solution, hard decisions have to be made, but that does not mean the Liberal solution will not work, as sometimes the situation has to become worse before it becomes better.

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Federal Liberals are centrist (Paul Martin is usually thought of as on the right, but he's been leaning left because he needed the help of the social democratic NDP). The British Columbia Liberal Party is right-wing economically, but mostly socially liberal.

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