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I thought it was really good. Tarantino is such a good director, I really hope he does more episodes in the future.


Maybe it was just me, but did it seem like the commercials were more frequent than usual? Usually there are about 9 minutes of commercials for every 30 minutes of airtime, but maybe it was my imagination.

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I thought it was pretty good, I think there have been better episodes though. It was so like heartwrenching, brought out so many emotions in the characters which was really cool. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, mostly I think cause I didn't understand, it didn't seem to make much sence as why he ended it that way, probably just me though.

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"That's it, stay still, they won't bite....as much."


<3 CSI and <3 Tarantino, one of my favourite episodes of any show I've seen in a while. [sG-1 excluded because of it's super goodness]


Edit - I thought the ending was superb, Nick's experience will [should] effect his character for future episodes and his conversation with the girl at the end was evidence of that. The fact that the last scene before the credits [which had a dedication to Frank Gorshin who died the tuesday before the episode aired, another nice touch I thought] was just the girl looking thoughful provided insight into the fact that he had an impact on her, regardless of how hardened she had become.

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