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The Birds.... Remake?!?

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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "The Birds," Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1963 horror tale, looks to be taking flight again as a Universal Pictures remake.




Filmmaker Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production label is in negotiations to make the update with producer Peter Guber though his Mandalay Pictures banner.


The new version would be based on the short story by Daphne Du Maurier, to which Universal owns the rights and which inspired Hitchcock's original movie.


    Tippi Hedren starred in the 1963 thriller about increasingly vicious birds that terrorize a small town.


It won't be the first time Universal, which was Hitchcock's home for the latter part of the producer-director's career, has been part of a remake of the master.


In 1998, Gus Van Sant directed a scene-for-scene remake of "Psycho" for the studio. That same year, Warner Bros. Pictures and Koppelson Entertainment turned out "A Perfect Murder," based on the play that inspired Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder."


And at Warner Bros. -- underscoring the rage for Hitchcock remakes -- the studio is mounting a new version of "Strangers on a Train," based on the Patricia Highsmith novel that was the basis for the Hitchcock film.


Platinum is no stranger to the remake genre itself. Its most recent offering, "The Amityville Horror," has taken in more than $43 million after two weekends at the domestic box office.


Platinum also remade "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and recently set up a remake of "The Hitcher" with Focus Features to be released through Focus' genre label, Rogue Pictures.


Reuters/Hollywood Reporter




even if a remake or 'updating' was necassary, why cant they do better than michael bay!?

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I'll take the first part last:

Michael Bay: because his movies make a shit load of money. They also happen to usually be shit, but the way he edits them, they are a visceral experience, you're body will pat attention to things that move that fast on the screen.

Now for the first part: Because every year there are a whole new group of teenagers who want to see crapy scary movies on their big date with that, like, really hot guy/girl. And now they are so used to the Armageddon-1.5 second-average-shot-length that they get bored watching an actual movie.


But really it's because of the money, that's all. It will make money, and that's all the studios care about...

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You can take the remake of House of Wax for example. Obviously, the only reason Paris Hilton is in the movie is for marketing purposes. She's like the biggest thing right now, and they want to cash in on that.

As if she's a good actress.

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Gee, I hope they do the same thing as their "remake" of Psycho and just copy it frame-for-frame and STILL manage to have it suck serious balls thus wasting everyone's time once again. That would be awesome.

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