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Is Matt Your Favourite Musician?

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he definitely is....he and led zeppelin were the two bands that got me into music


i must say it's been impossible to recreate the feeling and mood accompanied by the first time i listened to Beautiful Midnight...

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wow, good question. I think somedays I can't listen to anything but matt and other days theres other bands I feel the same way about. Im really into weezer, bad religion and led zeppelin to though. It kinda alternates between those bands. Oh, actually...the beatles are my number one, easily. Its a constant battle for number two though.


Definate advantages for matt is that I"ve like him for so long differen't songs/alblums remind me of differen't memories and I've seen him like like half a dozen times.

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yeah, i'd definitley say so, but i listen to soooooo much music that it's next to impossible to list favourites. other artitsts I often listen to are Slipknot, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, Cradle of Filth, Killswitch Engage, From First To Last, Incubus, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Tool/APerfect Circle, Avenged Sevefold, Devil Doll, Alexisonfire, Azure Ray... but it all changes so frequently, this has been what i'm really into lately. i could go on forever...


Today i downloaded some songs by a band called Dresden Dolls, and i think i'll have to chalk them up to favourite status post-haste.

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not really.


i fell for matt's songwriting when 'avalanche' came out, and it continues to be my favorite album of his, however; he is not my favorite. i've tried to come up with a 'favorite artist' multiple times, but i'm starting to think it's impossible. i like different artists for different reasons and can't really pick just one because none of them are necessarily the same.


but if you prefer lists, here's my most recent "top artists (listenned to)" chart, generated by audioscrobbler:


1 Nine Inch Nails

2 Tool

3 Pearl Jam

4 Foo Fighters

5 A Perfect Circle

5 Queens of the Stone Age

7 The Beatles

8 Matthew Good

9 Nirvana

10 Faith No More

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