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Is Matt Your Favourite Musician?

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I have a slough of favourites.


Matthew Good (Band)


Pearl Jam

Alice In Chains



Faith No More




The Tragically Hip

Bob Dylan


I'd say all these people/bands are up near the top of my list. MG, Nirvana, and Coldplay would have to be my favourites right now.

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I've liked Zepplin, Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, and Linkin Park (semi)best until i found out about Matthew Good's music. He writes the best lyrics around. His music videos are awesome too...especially apparitions.

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Favorite artists:


1.) The complete: Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART

- Each tune from this guy touches the heart! Still after 220 years! Unreachable!


2.) The Beatles

- They never wrote a boring song! Giants!


3.) Matthew Good (Band)

- He never wrote a boring Rocksong. And everything touches.



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Well... Musician is such a general word. I would say he is my favorite artist... if I was going by Musician, then Trent Reznor would beat him out. The way my top 3 favorite bands/artists lays out righ tnow is:

Nine Inch Nails

Matt (gb also included as #2)

A Perfect Circle

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Matt is my favourite musician because throughout his career he has remained true to the fans. He has such an intellectual type of music, that still provides enough rock-a-bility to get a crowd swinging, or enough heart and soul to bring tears to listeners eyes. I have witnessed tears while I saw him on the Avalanche tour over 2 years ago at the Kool Haus. Apparitions came on, and a sea of lighters, and tears came around. That to me makes him my favourite. Making great music, and evoking emotions from those listening. I could not ask for more, but he keeps giving.

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I can't really say he's my favourite anymore. I first got into him back in Grade 8 with Underdogs, and listening to a lot of the same bands mentioned in this thread, but over the years my tastes have changed and although Matt is still up there in the top 10 and dominated my listening for most of high school, I can't seem to get into him as much as I used to.


My favourite bands right now are more of the indie persausion like Belle & Sebastian, Spoon, Pavement, Elliot Smith, Modest Mouse, Ted Leo etc.

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My favourites work in strange ways. Currently my favourite artist(s) is the Mars Volta, before that...

Matthew Good,

Miles Davis,

Miles Davis,

Matthew Good,

The Smashing Pumpkins,

Johan Sebastian Bach,

Peter Gabriel,

Jhon Coltrane,

Matthew Good,

Thelonius Monk


When I first realy discover an incredible artist they become my favourite for a short time, then go in to circulation with my other favourites (as listed above).


Out of all though, I'd have to say Miles Davis. He spans jazz, classical, rock, funk, new-age, and world-beat. (plus I'm a trumpet player).

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Yeah, he's probably my favourite but not by far. Definitely favourite lyricist, hands down. There are so many close seconds out there but there's something about his work that I just can't put down. I'm into a lot of different stuff though there is so much great music out there. I have a very diverse taste rock, classis rock, classical, techno, alternative, I even like some hip hop (although none would ever come close to being my favourite music).


I don't get the fascination with the Beatles or Nirvana though. Never really did anything for me personally. Some Beatles songs are alright, John Lennon kicks ass. I love his material.

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I have a little wierd taste in music, but my top ten would have to be:

1.Matt Good (band)

2.Barenaked Ladies


4.The Hip

5.Theory of a Deadman

6.System of a Down


8.Foo Fighters


10.Marty Casey (Not well known, was on the TV show Rockstar:INXS. Didn't win, though)


The list changes about once a week, though.

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