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Is Matt Your Favourite Musician?

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Matt Good has been the soundtrack to my life for 6 years now. I also wish I got into him earlier than that.


My first experience was "Beautiful Midnight" and it grew from there.


My first concert was Edgefest '00 in Barrie and then not until the Avalanche tour in 2003 @ Durham College in the Shwa. Then I did 3 concerts in 2004. I wish I went to more of his concerts.


He is my favorite because I love his voice, songwriting and views. He has a great sense of humour and he is not in it for the money, he's in it for the music (which is rare these days).


As long as he keeps making music, I'll keep buying and going to concerts (I just wish he'd add some more, cause I'm in Edmonton from the 13-19).







Matt's still my #1, but Hedley is quickly climbing the ladder.


I know a lot of you like to rip on Hedley, but if you've only heard "on my own", your opinion doesn't count. In my opinion "OMO" was label-inspired-mainstream-pop-crap and no other song on the album is anywhere near that low.


Before you toss Hedley out to the street, listen to "villain", "johnny falls" and "sink or swim". Then I will value your opinion.


In my opinion, Hedley has a similar draw that MG does. They both have unique voices, are from lower BC (abby & coq.), really broad range, great music, they're both in it for the music/fans (not money) and the first public TO Hedley show was a blast. Almost as if they had been around for 10+ years. If you're a big fan of MG, definitely check Hedley out.



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I've had this Matt Good song i'm no sure about the name (it's not on any of his CD's) Maybe he released it on his site a logn time ago... it's a piano ballad i think it could be called "All Together". Anyone know anything about this song??

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