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Ya it is a pretty damn good album. Chino's vocals are very different, as well as his lyrics. I enjoy Mike Patton's vocals on Kool-Aid Party. Really cool soundscapes.


Edit: shit maybe Im talking about the older releases, Ya, I want to check out the new album.

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Alright, I downloaded the new album, which is pretty damn good from what I hear so far.


As for older tracks, those aren't included in this release, its all new stuff except for the track "king Diamond". However, there is now a song called "temple of Ligeia".


I suggest people pick up this album. Chino is the man.

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I just got this, and a lot of the old tracks are on there in different form however. The older song Natalie Portman is changed and appears as Live From The Stage, the song Ever (Foreign Flag) is also a changed up old Team Sleep track. Boulevard Knights is also an old track along with King Diamond. Ligeia is the same as the old, just renamed. That said, it's an awesome album, with lotsa good-sounding tunes. Your Skull Is Red is my persnoal favorite song from it.

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