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Just saw him tonight in Toronto at the Ampitheatre. Fucking awesome. Second best show of the year (slightly behind the Modest Mouse/Broken Social Scene/ Metric show from a few weeks back).


I'd love to see him again, at a smaller venue as we were way back in the 400 level. Still, the man knows how to put on a show and get the crowd involved.

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Arrgh! Hes playing here on the island in Grand Falls today. We were gonna have a big road trip to go see K-OS and The Hip but I can't go cause I have too much work to do.

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K-Os's new album is great!


As for BEP.


formula= catchy hook repeated 50 million times by Fergy and boring hip-hop rapping/talking stuff by the rest of the group.


shutup just shutup shutup nononono dont funk with my heart where is the love nonono dont lie or some shit.

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Here, here. Sure BEP is much catchier than most of the garbage you hear on the radio but where is the substance?


K-OS new album is friggin awesome. I really like crucial. Whats his old one like? I've heard a few good songs from it.

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