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a day with mr. good.......

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tomorrow you will be spending the whole day with the infamous matthew good ;) . here's some questions to ponder on.... so, daydream for a few minutes... and...



what would you talk about with him? ....what do you think he'd want to talk about?... would it be alot of fun to have a day with just you and him?? ....or ... would it suck? ...what would you wear?... would you buy his lunch? .... would you want it to be just the two of you? ... would you be a speechless loser for the first hour.... would you babble on and on out of excitement... or would you be able to just be yourself?... do you think you two would get along?.... or would he hate you, but, be kind enough to hang out for the rest of the day (i mean, heck, it is just one day...)...




...let us know what happens.. B)

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I wouldn't plan anything. To have a 2 hour conversation with him would be awesome. No questioned planned, just go with the flow.

I would however love to watch him 'create music' or be there when he plays a new song to himself for the first time.

If i did plan something i'd take him to my sociology or history classes at my University. That would definately get discussion going....


....ya i know i'm a freak....leave me alone

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I'd love to sit down with him but I'd always think about the many ways I could embarrass myself such as,


a) Laughing and blowing a snot bubble.

B) Belching in mid sentence

c) Forgetting what I was saying

D) Fart really loud or fart silent and smell

e) Fall on my face

f)....anything that I could possibly do is probably embarrassing.

Can't forget laughing like an idiot .

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embarrassing things happen all the time, that's just part of nature.

Everybody farts, it's a fact...get over it...and you wouldn't believe it but i bet MG himself does it.

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