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a day with mr. good.......

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A day with him ..ahh that would be great. I was talking to this girl on MSN a few weeks ago and she said she saw him walking around downtown Toronto a couple of months ago. I wish I was there. If I got a chance to meet him like that, it would blow my mind. I'd make sure to get in a couple of really close hugs and a kiss on the lips (not French of course... I have more respect for his marriage than that). Topics of conversation > I'd talk about non-governmental organizations, try to get to know him a lot better and whatever else I felt like talking about. When I finally do meet him I'll have to try to keep the giggly and ditzyness that comes along with meeting favourite musician under control so I don't make him run away.

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yah i dunno what i would do... i'd be like "Whats up Mr. Good... you are awesome" and that would be about it. I probably would be speechless after that. Im sure he is a nice guy... its just i would be a bit too speechless. Its not like he would become my friend or anything ...

He must meet plenty of strangers... do you think he remembers a lot of them?

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