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The Shoe Incident.

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I was re-reading At last there is nothing left to say, and i came accross the shoe incident (i forget the city now, i was gonna sak before but the bored was down, and now i can't find it again) i think it was virginia.. but anyway. what is the shoe incident? If no one knows waht i'm talking about i'll look harder to find it, but i'm sure someone will know.

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Someone threw a shoe at Matt while he was playing.


The following items have been thrown at Matt:


-toy cars



-various clothes

You can add ball bearings, keys, and cell phones thanks to ACF.

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maybe i'm missing something. but i do know there was an incident at the ACF that caused him to not ever play it again. I think the head of security even put out a letter about violence associated with those types of events that had Matt's backing.


there's details about in in the MBLOG archives- i dont recall it entirely, but it's there.

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