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New Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Trailer

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Meh. I like Depp, I hate Burton. He tries too hard. Can't tell if it'll be as good or better than the original, but that's a tough call to make because it looks like they are both going to be very different.

burton tries too hard? are you on crack?


tim burton is a fucking genius and i expect you to recognize that.

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first of all, johnny depp sounds like mike myers. secondly, i fucking hate british accents. especially british kids. god, i hope they die.

british accents are hot and you know it.

i can fake one pretty good. wanna hear it?


(<3 johnny depp, lolz)

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it looks stupid to me. it might end up being a fine 'reinterpretation' of the story, but i would never have considerred tim burton to be the man to 'accurately' portray roald dahl's vision. the film looks too dark. johnny depp must be burton's lover or something, because no one else would cast him as willy wonka... but i guess after 'planet of the apes' no one would really want to work for burton anywho.

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They should've gotten Gene Wilder to play the part again. Now he was awesome!


I think that Burton might be making the film have the same weirdness as the book, but of course Burton always has to add his signature shit somewhere. I love him cause you can always tell what movie he's directed.

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Tim Burton is a god amongst directors. I haven't seen the movie yet but i'm looking forward to it. Personally i've always read Roald Dahl's books as being quite dark, and i can't picture them portrayed otherwise.

Except for the Gene Wilder Wonka. Is it taboo to call him crap? Because nobody seems willing to admit it. Like what the shit? Musical? Wilder was way too happy to be Wonka. Even at the end when he was telling Charlie that it was all a ruse, you could tell he was faking it.


One negative point against Burton: He needs to stop casting Johnny Depp. They're quite similar in style and Depp's an incredibly versatile actor, but Christ! Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, The (upcoming) Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow, Willy Wonka, etc...


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It's incredibly limiting, no matter how versatile the actor is. Tim Burton is a superb director, but he's relying to much on Johnny to make his movies good. Most directors if they reuse actors, make sure to rotate them between major and minor roles. Tim Burton is never going to grow as a director if he's just going to stick with the same principle actor for major roles.

Personally i don't care all that much, because he cranks out quality movies one after the other. But as people have mentioned, now he's known for sticking to one type of filmmaking. And despite his movies being excellent, it's almost redundant to walk into a Burton film, because you know what you're going to get more or less.

If anything good can be said about Planet of the Apes, it's that it differed immensely from anything Burton had previously made.

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