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Mg Playing At Klondike Days

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and if ya stick around a day you can see twisted sister, lmaooooo, and a few days earlier the headpins, Darby Mills is the receptionist at my son's tea kwon do club, maybe i can hitch a ride with her

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I've never been to Klondike days. Does anybody know how to get tickets if you only want to show up for the concert? I know ticketmaster sells day passes but will that get you to see the stage?

As far as I recall, Klondike Days is just "Stampede II" and at the Stampede all you do is pay gate admission, and then walk in to the stage...it's first come first served on who gets prime viewing space.


Someone from Edmonton please correct me if I'm wrong.

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I'm from Edmonton, and that's exactly how it work.  Just general admission to KDays, I think its something like $8.00, then the concert is free free free!

Not really adding anything more, but just saying that $8 is the correct amount. This is taken from the main page:

Gate Admission Prices

Adult (age 13+)  $8

Youth (age 7 - 12)  $3

Child (age 6 and under)  Free

Seniors' Day (July 27 only)  $3


It's actually shaping up to have a few good acts: Thornley, Finger Eleven and I believe Wil too. Never been to K-Days and have lived outside of Edmonton my whole life...time to change that next month.

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you taping it gursky???

Oh you better believe I'm recording. I have been talking about my upgraded rig, which you can see here. I have had some great success with recording (Green Day, Jakalope, DFA1979, U2) so with the way things are going July will be a good month too.


It will be outside, so I hope the windscreens on my CMC-2 mics are enough with increased wind, and what happens if it rains? How would the sound of the rain hitting the umbrella turn out? I need to do more research on these outdoor recording questions to pull the best tape, but I will be there for sure.


EDIT: Cool beans, you joined one day before my birthday...

Edited by gursky
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hmmm, i've never had rain outdoors.... a little spitting one time, that was it... didn't affect it really


ya, i'm gonna buy some new stealth mics and battery module

hopefully i receive them in time for the 2 matt good shows i'll be attending

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Well, his Stampede set was slightly shorter than his normal "club" set, so I'd expect this to be the same. He'll probably play for a bit more than an hour, then quit to face the mob waiting for pictures, etc.

Thanks ;) More than an hour is fiiiiiine by me. I'm spending money on a two-night motel room, and a two hour bus ride for this. Can't wait!

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