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Best Buy will retail it for less than $20 I bet. I double album usually retails for about $17.99 within the first week of release. Either the DVD or one of the CD's will likely be limited edition, given Universal's penchant for "limited" crap.


Either that, or people will get lucky and they'll pull an Elton John. His "Best Of" has two discs and a dvd....though the dvd is minor in comparison to what Matt appears to be planning.


Still, if you pick it up as soon as it's released, there's no possible way it'll retial for more than $30. Unless you only have HMV at your disposal for record purchases.


*I'm not an HMV fan*


$24.99 max....

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I believe the plan is that there will be a one-disc version with just the hits and a "limited edition" version with the hits, the bonus cd, and the dvd.


That is, unless they decide to do something really crappy, like sell two limited edition packs, one with the dvd and one with the bonus cd. If that happens, I may have to zip up to Toronto to smack around some Universal execs.

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