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So does anyone have the new album yet?

Does anyone dig the Stripes?


I gave it one spin this morning and I must say, it is different for the Stripes. Initial reaction says it isn't as strong as Elephant. I think the album demands multiple spins, though. It is bigger, but not as clear. 'Take, take, take' was pretty cool.

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nice counterpoint.


let's see.. a 3 or 4 piece drumkit, mediocre guitar playing and a singer with a terrible voice. oh, and average lyrics. easy to see what all the hype is about.

yeah, maybe i should have said your mom instead.


you wanna talk about a terrible voice? have you listened to green day lately?


jack white is a better than "mediocre" guitar player, and i'm pretty sure that you haven't listened to much past their singles anyway, because i know how you are, so i doubt you are basing your opinion on anything other than a couple of songs you've heard and your own stubborn ass.


meg may not be the best drummer, but she's fine for what they do, because they don't need more than simple drumming.


and let's not even discuss lyrics until you've actually read them and know what you're talking about.

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i mentioned a single terrible voice. jack white. relevant to the thread about jack white's band.


marilyn manson has a terrible voice.

serj tankian has a terrible voice.

thom yorke has a terrible voice.


none of whom, however, are the lead singer(s) of the white stripes. meet me in the 'singers with bad voices' thread

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