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Favorite Pink Floyd Tracks/albums?

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The Wall (the movie) is quite a trip. If anyone's kickin' around the Vancouver area and has yet to see the Pink Floyd laser shows at the Space Centre, get to it! Very cool stuff also.


I'd have to say my fave Pink Floyd track is Goodbye Blue Sky.

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Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving together with a pict. Can't say it's my favorite song but a good one to smoke one to and listen in the dark. fucked up!

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Best Album: Animals


There's too many 'best' songs to pick just one.

amen, brother.


i would think that most people that are into pink floyd have seen the wall.


i don't really like it that much, personally.

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Some of their really early stuff is different/cool. Like "Piper at the Gates of dawn". My favourite album would be between "Animals" and "Wish you were here" at the moment anyways.


Like someone has said...there are too many good tracks to name.

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"Echoes" is arguably the bands masterpeice...

"Time" is probably my favourite.


If you are a true Floyd fan, try to find and download a track off David Gilmours second solo effort, About Face, called: "Murder"

It's absolutely brilliant.




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i haven't gotten that deep into Pink Floyd yet. i'm working on it. Everything that i've heard is really good, but i've only heard the standards like Mother, Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, etc

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