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As Much As I Hate Lists...

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100 greatest rock albums


1. Revolver (1966)-The Beatles

2. Pet Sounds (1966)-Beach Boys

3. Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)-Pink Floyd

4. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)-The Beatles

5. Led Zeppelin IV (1971)-Led Zeppelin

6. Who's Next (1971)-The Who

7. Blonde On Blonde (1966)-Bob Dylan

8. Are You Experienced (1967)-Jimi Hendrix Experience

9. London Calling (1980)-The Clash

10. Rubber Soul (1965)-The Beatles

11. Born To Run (1975)-Bruce Springsteen

12. Ziggy Stardust (1972)-David Bowie

13. Abbey Road (1969)-The Beatles

14. Let It Bleed (1969)-Rolling Stones

15. Rumors (1977)-Fleetwood Mac

16. Highway 61 Revisited (1965)-Bob Dylan

17. Hotel California (1976)-The Eagles

18. Exile On Main Street (1972)-Rolling Stones

19. Electric Ladyland (1968)-Jimi Hendrix Experience

20. Led Zeppelin II (1969)-Led Zeppelin

21. The Doors (1967)- The Doors

22. Disraeli Gears (1967)-Cream

23. Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)-The Velvet Underground

24. Surrealistic Pillow (1967)-Jefferson Airplane

25. Forever Changes (1967)- Love

26. Quadrophenia (1973)-The Who

27. Appetite For Destruction (1987)-Guns N Roses

28. In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)-King Crimson

29. Tommy (1969)-The Who

30. Astral Weeks (1968)-Van Morrison

31. The Wall (1979)-Pink Floyd

32. The White Album (1968)-The Beatles

33. Layla (1970)-Derek And The Dominos

34. Songs In The Key Of Life (1976)-Stevie Wonder

35. Back In Black (1980)-AC/DC

36. Blood On The Tracks (1975)-Bob Dylan

37. Sticky Fingers (1971)-Rolling Stones

38. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)-Elton John

39. Cheap Thrills (1968)-Big Brother & the Holding Co. (Janis Joplin)

40. Moving Pictures (1981)- Rush

41. Aqualung (1971)-Jethro Tull

42. The Joshua Tree (1987)-U2

43. Van Halen (1978)-Van Halen

44. Superunknown (1994)-Soundgarden

45. Hunky Dory (1972)-David Bowie

46. The Band (1969)-The Band

47. Ten (1991)-Pearl Jam

48. All Things Must Pass (1970)-George Harrison

49. Hot Rats (1969)-Frank Zappa

50. Brothers-in-Arms (1985)-Dire Straits

51. Nevermind (1991)-Nirvana

52. Otis Blue (1965)-Otis Redding

53. Blue (1971)-Joni Mitchell

54. Pearl (1971)-Janis Joplin

55. Innervisions (1973)-Stevie Wonder

56. Physical Graffiti (1975)-Led Zeppelin

57. Synchronicity (1983)-The Police

58. The Queen Is Dead (1986)-The Smiths

59. Ok Computer (1997)-Radiohead

60. Axis Bold As Love (1967)-Jimi Hendrix

61. The Stone Roses (1989)-Stone Roses

62. Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970)-Simon And Garfunkel

63. Bat Out Of Hell (1977)-Meat Loaf

64. Automatic For The People (1992)-R.E.M.

65. This Year's Model (1978)-Elvis Costello & The Attractions

66. Paranoid (1970)-Black Sabbath

67. A Night At The Opera (1975)-Queen

68. Tapestry (1971)-Carole King

69. Number Of The Beast (1982)-Iron Maiden

70. Bringing It All Back Home (1965)-Bob Dylan

71. Imagine (1971)-John Lennon

72. Highway To Hell (1979)-AC/DC

73. Purple Rain (1984)-Prince

74. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974)-Genesis

75. Grace (1994)-Jeff Buckley

76. Blood And Chocolate (1986)-Elvis Costello & The Attractions

77. Master Of Puppets (1986)-Metallica

78. Chicago Transit Authority (1969)-Chicago

79. Days Of Future Passed (1967)-Moody Blues

80. Beggar's Banquet (1968)-Rolling Stones

81. Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)-Alice Cooper

82. Machine Head (1972)-Deep Purple

83. Abraxas (1970)-Santana

84. Boston (1976)-Boston

85. Freewheelin Bob Dylan (1963)-Bob Dylan

86. Close To The Edge (1972)-Yes

87. D

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the beach boys suck, there is entirely too much who on that list, no one really knows anything by jefferson airplane except for what.. two songs(?), meat loaf.. (???), chicago is crap, piper at the gates of dawn is crap, i like the sex pistols, but they should never be included on any top 100 rock albums list since they had no talent whatsoever, other than that, aenima, rumours, and superunknown make me happy.


i'm bored.

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well, i guess.


but meatloaf? did someone just slip that in while the listmakers were outside smoking?

Alright, Mrs J, I am coming down there, we are getting shitfaced drunk and going to a kareoke bar to do 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'

Then the light of god will shine on all the little children.

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