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Anti-poverty Ngo...

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Just for the hell of it...


Matt made a mention of a certain ngo who's interest was in eradicating poverty that was apparently being used as a tax shelter for millionaires.


I then noticed that all links to make poverty history had been eliminated from the site, when not too long ago there was a link to that organization from the top banner.


I also saw this article, to sweeten the pie: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/050529/356/fk0uy.html


What are the odds that the org is make poverty history? Any other guesses? Come on, we'll make it a complete media circus, a la michael jackson.

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My question on the ngo is this (as for the bands being ordered from sweat shops is a differnet issue, which I'm hoping is an isolated, but MAJOR mistake). If the ngo has a goal of erradicating poverty, but is also a tax shelter for billionaires, if they still do the work, does it really matter? MPH doesn't accept donations really (besides the bands), so it's really more of a "hey everybody speak out to your represenative" type thing, and obviously that's still going on? Thats assuming it is MPH, which I obviously have no idea if it is.

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Well, looks as though the organization was indeed MPH.


There definitely is a problem when an organization is being used as a tax shelter for millionaires.


That said, there
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I'm torn on this actually. Not torn on the fact that the organization being used as a tax shelter is wrong, but torn on the fact of supporting them. MPH exists to spread awareness and act as a coalition of people all acting for the same cause, the fact that they allow people to use it as a tax shelter seems to be against their goals, and this along with the wristband scandal is horrible, but to my exstent of supporting them, I don't know if it matters.


Granted most of my activity of writting to officals and spreading awarness would be done if there was an MPH or not, but I'm still going to link people to their videos and stories, if they were an organization that asked for money, i'd seriously doubt giving them any, but they don't, so thats' not an issue.


I'm not suggesting they shouldn't be brought out for whatever they've done and be held accoutnable for it, they must certainly should, but using them as a focal point for spreading awareness on the problem, and even wearing a band which i previously purchased, helps spread awareness.


I'm not saying they shouldn't be held accountable for whatever it is they have done, they most certainly should, it should become publically awae, but I will continue to put their links in my profiles, away messages, and thinks of that nature, so long as the content they have, and the goal they strive for, are things I agree with. As i've said I think this would be totally different if they asked for moeny and did anything else besides spread information and awareness. I don't even think they deal with dispensing aid or anything of that nature, just lobbying for it.


As I've said I'm torn on the issue, but for the time being I still support them to the extent of spreading awareness and support.

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