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that's a nice one too.


this one sums up how i'm feeling right now ' :angry: '


other great local acts:



www.myspace.com/diehardlosers (for fans of dead kennedys ;))


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you should.

or listen to the sexy die hard losers if you're a dead kennedys fan.



ps- they're going on tour this summer without jello, eh? thoughts?

pps- i'm not making up the fact that you like them, right? lol

i would listen to all of them but i'm not on high speed right now so it's kinda hard to..


yeah, i like a bit o' dead kennedys. meaning i am not familiar with more than a couple of albums.. and all older ones. i've never listened to them withOUT jello.. so thinking about them touring without him is sorta weird.

does it please you?

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no, not at all.

i think its really lame when bands spilt up but still tour with a fraction of the band under the same name.

especially in this situation... where the whole band went against jello in the lawsuit and are now touring playing songs that jello (for the majority) wrote.

i also think its stupid for them to tour with the old songs because... while those songs are fantastic, they're songs written in the 80s about issues of the 80s.


the whole thing seems a little off to me.


granted, me and my boyfriend are still going to the show. haha, i think it will be really fucked but i'm interested none the less.

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