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Dan #3

Halo: The Movie.

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And why are you pissed again??

I'm pissed because they're making a movie based on a game that coul translate very well to the big screen. Unfortunately the way things are going these days it won't end up as a good film, it will be a CGI fest.


I found that Halo and Halo 2's biggest strength was in the story. If Doom isn't taking place on Mars and there are no demons, then will Halo take place in the tundra of Northern Canada involving polar bears rather than The Covenant? Will the Master Chief get turned from looking badass as he is in the games, to looking like a chump?


I just don't have faith in the powers that be to make it a movie that is worth the 11$ I'll fork over to see it.


[by the way, Red vs. Blue Season 2 sucked, but the rest are hilarious.]

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this can work, but it needs strict guidelines. something that M$ and Bungie are putting into place. Some studios turned away from their offer because of the restrictions imposed onto them. the directing team would have to follow the Halo Bible, keeping the story in check with the story of the games.


i personally blieve that Halo would make a kickass movie. But unfortunately im worried about the script. Bungie has lost everything that made the first Halo good. Most of the talent left, and Halo 2 was insulting.


The great thing about the first Halo was the whole environment/story of desperation. It had an enemy that was mysterious and religiously driven to wipe out humanity. May sound like a cliche-story, but it was done well and would look pretty sweet on the big screen.


Halo 2 was nothing but a lame tour of the galaxy. It disregarded things from the books, the first game, and left the worst ending to one of the most anticipated games ever. It was as if they made this game for 13 year old fucking kids. The Covenant was a joke this time around. Throwing in shitty dialogue/voicework, and an immensly shitty/letdown of a story isnt going to reassure me that if they have most control over the movie that it would be good.

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