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Poverty Zero

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Hi all,


this post is just because I wanted to share with you a very important social movement we are carrying out in Madrid, my city, and that finally has had an important impact in the Spanish society ;) The organization "Pobreza cerO" was launched in February this year, and one of the first actions is going to be this Saturday.


We are actually very happy because we have able to organized a demonstration this coming Saturday (before the G-8 meeting in July) and we are expecting this demonstration to be a huge one... just hope it is! :angry:


I was trying to find an article in English (for all of you who are not able to read in Spanish) for you to read what this organization is trying to do. In any case, the Spanish website is www.pobrezacero.org


Again, just wanted to share all with my friends here




Spanish NGOs Launch "Poverty Zero


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Anti Poverty Rally Attracts 50,000


Written by Caroline Kent


Madrid, June 27th 2005 - The Spanish campaign held the largest anti poverty rallies in Spain's history this weekend.


A week ahead of the G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland where the leaders of the 8 richest nations will meet to discuss the Millennium Development Goals, the Spanish Campaign Pobreza Cero organized a rally in the Country's capital to show that the people in Spain demand that the decisions made in Scotland benefit the poorest in the world.


The center of Madrid was covered in white and all major groups were present, including trade unions, ngo's, women associations, artists against the war, youth plattforms, environmentalists, religious groups, etc.


The march started with a huge sign that said "Pobreza Cero Sin Excusas - Quien Debe a Quien" ( Zero Poverty - No Excuses -who owns whom) with 20 representatives of social groups, including the Millennium Campaign.


It was followed by street musicians and a percussion band, and then by eight huge white bands with big signs, each one representing a MDG Goal.


The march started at Plaza Cibeles and ended at Puerta del Sol. Ismael Serrano gave a brief concert and Mamen Mendizabal and film director Benito Zambrano read the Spanish GCAP manifesto in front of all the press.


Other marches and events were also organized in 20 cities around Spain.


From the1st to the 3rd of July, activities will be organized to wrap-up key buildings of Spain.



For more details on the march, visit theSpanish Campaign web site and visit El Mundo's web site to view more pictures on this historic event.

Date Created: 6/27/2005 10:15:52 AM

Copyright 2005


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