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Ok so I was watching The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Ya ok its a good movie (not as good as the first one). But theres one part of the movie that really stumps me. When the guys in the boat are bringing the T-Rex back to San Diego, how do they all get killed!!!?? At first I thought it might've been the baby T-Rex but then I remembered that it was flown in separatly on a helicopter. So unless the T-Rex managed to get loose, sqeeze into the tiny compartment where most of the crew was, and then go back into it pen, and finally close the doors halfway. How the fuck did those guys die!!? Any theories...?

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Haha i just finished the book to try and find out if they explained it in there. The book and the movie are practically 2 entirly different stories. I couldn't believe it as I was reading it, i just kept thinking "where did they get the ideas for the movie...well they didn't get it from this book".

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