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my ex worked for the federal government and organized an art auction that benefitted the women and children of the downtown eastside of vancouver (the shittiest place in north america), and 54-40 and dave genn played a few songs. the booze was free, so i was shittered, but yeah, they work well together.

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I got around to reading the article that Dave's pic was beside in CHART magazine. The article was written by him. This was the "rockstar written edition of Chart" so he was writing about the rise and fall of older bands. And guess what one of those bands was? COPYRIGHT. And who was the guitarist for Copyright? Christian Thorvaldsen. And who is matt good's NEW guitarist? That's right Christian.


I was expecting some big tension in that article.

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Wow, Copyright. Now there's a band I haven't heard of in a few years. I forgot that Christian played in the band. They had, what, one song on the radio?


I remember seeing them open for someone, but I can't exactly remember who...


oh well



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