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Help Recording A Mg Show...

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Hey guys, I am going to the Arizona MG show and would like to record it. I borrowed a mini disc player cause I heard that ppl use those to record shows. I have no idea how to use or record shows or anything about it (where is best to stand, etc) any help would be great, and I will share the show if I can figure out how to record it.


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try to avoid screamers.


don't move around.


keep the mic as high as possible w/out being obvious.


keep the project on the downlow.


and for god sakes, don't sneeze.

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If you aren't going to run a mic tower... then do what i do... I have a sony minidisc player as well and use it to record live shows. I use a Sony ECM-717 microphone and run the cable up my shirt and either put clip it to my collar (it has a clip) or if you wear a hat, you can clip it to that as well without looking too obtrusive. Be close to the stage, but if you can't get a decent spot near the speakers, then try to center yourself...


And FLAC or SHN (shorten) formats are much better than mp3's. Check out etree.org for more information on those formats... you may find some nice live shows to download from their ftp servers as well.

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back in the day before i let more capable people do the dirty work, i bought a digital recorder and intended recording a matt good show at the commodore, but i ended up getting completely shittered with the buddy i went with and about 3/4 of the recording is me and my buddy yelling shit, singing along and trying to talk over the music. it was quite entertaining to listen to the next day.

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Alright, i'm not too technically saavy with these sorts of things, so could someone give me a quick rundown of how I would go about recording and uploading Thursdays show with my Mini Disc player? I'm thinking about picking up a mic from Radio Shack tomorrow. From there i'm lost. I can't imagine how i'd upload the show to my computer afterwards.

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the native format of minidisc is shn or flac. it's easier to just give me what i want than to anger me.

I don't know, it's pretty goddamn easy to make you angry.


EDIT your homer simpson thing is stomping in time to the music i'm listening to

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