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over the last two months, i've been going through my CD collection, cutting dead weight, and i've been listening to CD's i haven't listened to in a long time, trying to cut down... I had 430, now down to 280ish...


Anyway, i put on Savage Garden's Affirmation, and i realised how much i love this band. Did they suffer the same fate as Serial Joe?

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Damn, I miss that band. Even though they came out around the same time as a lot of big bubble gum pop bands and may have been categorized in that genre by many, to me they had a lot more depth than your average boy band. And while I'm not usually a big fan of lighter, poppier music, there's just something about Savage Garden I absolutely love.


Darren Hayes (the lead singer) has put out a couple albums since the band spilt. The first one I wasn't a big fan of and the second I have not heard. He had a mildly successful hit off the first CD called "Insatiable" a few years ago and I think they used to play the vid on MuchMusic.

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