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S.E. Hardy


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I saw a report on this a fairly long time ago. Looks interesting. Don't know if i'd want to watch 1.5 - 2 hours of it though.

But then again, i thought the concept of BASEketball was hilarious and was half in love with the movie for a long time.

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I love your sig Static, its the only reason I get up in the morning!


And as for the movie, I haven't seen it yet but I did see two of the guys on MuchOnDemand. They showed a clip of the movie where they pick up on chicks. Funny shit, especially when the chicks ask "is ummm it dead?" hahahaha!

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I am not special needs but i played wheelchair rugby as a promotional event for my own rugby team, i ended up loving it and playing an entire season, its more violent then normal rugby, i loved this movie i think it shows the best aprts of the game and that the people behind it are just normal guys, and fuck then get more women then me to, haha

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