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Lame Over-thinking Matt's Career Post

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inspired by one trick pony's remark in another thread, i was wondering about the different phases of Matt's persona.

was Hard Liqour and Handguns really his little rock star period? AOB his depressive period? anyone with an idea please fill me in, without it i'm incomplete

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i've always liked the fact that i inspire thoughts and ideas.




but yeah, marik... matt is bi-polar. obviously with him being a musician its easier to pick up on. mind you, just reading his webpage its easy to tell... let alone being in the matt good community for years.



some people can say that he's changed his musical direction or they can say that he calmed down, or that he's creative, which are excuses. they're true, but the question is, why did he change his musical direction? why did he calm down? and why is he SO creative? the answer is bi-polar disorder.

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