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i recently discovered two shows that are on HBO, The Comeback and Entourage.



i've tivo'd them both but upon watching the comeback, i've found it extremely fucking annoying.



for those of you who have never heard of either, and are extremely confused, the comeback is about a washed up actress (played by lisa kudrow) who is starring in her own reality tv show. as her comeback she plays the old fashioned aunt on some retarded teen show that hosts a cast of sexy teen actors frolicking on the beach and shit (i've only seen one episode of the teens, so i think it was just so you'd understand the story) but either way, lisa kudrow still has a stylist that follows her around, and she basically gets caught up in weird situations where she looks really bad in front of the camera and constantly asks for them to stop rolling, but they cant because its a reality show. anyways, the first episode was cool, then the rest i could barely sit through. anyone seen this, and what are your thoughts?



the other is called entourage, it is produced (and possibly written by Mark Walberg, but im not sure) and its about a 20 something who becomes the next big thing in hollywood and brings his best friends with him, and makes one of them his manager. its pretty good and constantly has other famous actors making cameos in it. if you havent seen it and have access to HBO, check it out. again, if anyone has seen it, discuss.



i'm done here.

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assuming you have a scroll wheel on your mouse and assuming its sets to three lines per scroll, flick your fnger on that wheel approximately 9 times and you'll have found out after reading my original post. and knowing hbo and american tv in general, i'm assuming there will be a dvd available one day.

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Entourage...ah, yes. I got caught up in that for a few episodes...then I realised it was among the most vacuous experiences of my life, including my experiences in junior high ;)


I realize it's supposed to be about the mindlessness of much of Hollywood, but it more seems like an apology or a glorification of that than anything else. On reflection, it's like watching Access Hollywood, or something of that nature. Though, I will applaud their ability in getting A-list cameos for their show - way to use your star-power for good instead of evil Mr. Wahlburg :angry: hehe

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