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im actually not ususally a sucker for corney love stories i always get mad when its so predictable because its not how real life is and it shows how the movies ruin or real life expectations


but this is a romantic comedy u dont want to miss


i would definately recommend it

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Lol I just didn't see what was so good about it. Ya ok its Will, I shouldn't expect a huge plot full of twists and turns. But it was just a little too ummm how can I say it.....stupid for my liking! Which is strange cause I love all those types of comedy movies with those wacko comedians. Elf did have some funny bits, but they showed those parts in the ads to get people to come and watch it.


Thats just my opinion though, I know many people who loved that movie and I respect that. As long as I don't watch that movie again I'll be fine.

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oh gosh, old school is so funny. it has a horrible plot but you just can't help but adore it. will streaking is my favourite part.

"sorry, we're goin'... we're going streaking up through the quad and into the gymnasium! come on everybody, come on! snoop, snoop-a-loop! no, it's cool, it's cool, i'm cool. bring... bring your green hat. let's go, come on everybody we're goin'."

oh man, i gotta stop swerving off topic.

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Well then we're at a cross-road here! You like Elf, i don't. I like Old School, you don't! Hmmm quite scary. How bout Anchorman (<----ok I hate that word, it looks sooo stupid!) But thats a great movie, you have to like that one!

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i liked old school better than anchorman.


old school was tolerable in the way that... some parts actually made me laugh.

anchorman, i laughed, but more like.. "heh... oh please end soon"


i love vince v. (im not even going to try to attempt the spelling of his last name, lol)

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Well it always seems that Will, Vince, Ben, Own, and some others are always in the same movie together, or are pairing up for a deadly combo. So you can't not like one person and like another, thats jus crazy!...and its illegal!

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