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Don't keep us in suspense ;) .


Never mind. I've listened to Deja Vu, Monsters, Photograph, and Back To You. I didn't think they were that great. Are there any other songs by them that are better that you would recommend?

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it's hard to say, they've evolved over their albums, and they like a hundred of bootleg of unreleased material so it depends. i'd suggest to get the albums Echolalia and Beautiful Sharks

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i'd definately have to suggest "The Green Line Is Us, The Red Line Is Them" or maybe its "The Green Line Is Them, The Red Line Is Us"... not sure. depends what you're into.

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SFK!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


Definitely older albums are the best (#1 and #2) but newer stuff is alright too! and I love phantom limbs (b-sides album)..


Recently when I went to Oz I bought all their Cds! I only had mp3s of their songs.. and wanted to have the cds!! It is worth it.. great band!


and paul/steph/clint are great live! (when they are not having electricity problems :angry: like at the gig where i went.. Stonefest in Canberra)

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Definately start with picking up either Beautiful Sharks, Echolalia or The Official Fiction.


Download Pinstripe (Acoustic, Reverse Soundtrack, Song for a Sleepwalker, Twenty Years, Stunt Show or Hawiaan Robots.


They're currently working on a new album.

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