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i wish i could go. bit transPacific though. i wish MG did a top quality live recording of a show, like Counting Crow's "Live In New York" or Ben Folds' "Ben Folds Live". that'd be awesome. what do you reckon the chances of that are though lol

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I'll be there, dragging with me 4 friends who are not really fans but god knows they will be.

I'm doing the same thing with three friends in Bala this weekend. They're those half-way fans that like the stuff they've heard on the radio.

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what songs are on rotation on the radio over there?

Toronto's New Rock radio station.. the thursday 30 list is updated weekly. Cheers.







Opening band starts at 9 and Matt will be on at 9:30 (so I'm told)


The opener may be on at 9:00 , but even so, there is no way Matt will be on at 9:30.


Its hot hot hot and the bar wants to sell as many beers and $42 bottles of water as possible, that is after all the only reason why they have brought Matt in for the evening, Not to mention I have never seen anyone at this venue come on at 9:30, this is at least my third time seeing Matt play at this exact venue and he has never been on that early....same guys own Moose and Goose aka Front 54, and hell last time we went there for a show we left before the band even came on because it was taking WAAAAAAY TO LONG.......would be great if he was.....in fact I would really like it if he was on at 9:30 my guess is 10 at the earliest and more then likely around 10:30....


I guess we will know in a few hours....

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If there even is a show....I live about 60 seconds from the venue....we are getting fucking spanked right now....craziest fucking storm I have seen in ages....


More wate fallen in the last 10 minutes then the last 6 months...lightining thunder...but our power is back on...


The phone line is busy and the mail box is full...


So how and when do we find out if this bad boy has been cancelled?

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oh shit this isn't good..


is it still raining there

No not at all good....it has slowed up rainwise but youcan still hear the thunder ....but if you have ever been here before its a big ol metal stage setup basically in a field...itsurrounded by fields and a golf course.....noone in their right mind would want to stand near or on such a setup in weather like this....the question is does it clear up in time....or do we find out after driving from god knows where that there is no show.....I get the feeling that a bunch of folks are calling or their phone is off the hook as it keeps going right to their machine....

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