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Physics Or Musical Theatre?

Should i take physics or musical theatre next year at school?  

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  1. 1. Should i take physics or musical theatre next year at school?

    • physics
    • musical theatre

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Well it all depends on what you're really passionate about Socky! I voted MT cause I suck at physics! But if you're good at that damn physics, take it....unless you want to become a great actor like Pamela Anderson!

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Not so much with bio.


Chem and physics are the two big science programs that a whole load of university courses require... some non-science fields require physics, too.


All I'm saying is that physics is a hell of a lot more important in the long run than musical theatre.

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I voted MT, but after scrolling down and reading ecnarf's post i want to take it back.

Physics is definitly a prerequisite for most university science programs (as well as chem.) So if you're planning on persuing a science career in the future, you should definitly choose physics.

But if you're sure that you're not going to persue a science career, take MT because you'll have more fun and probably have a significant less amount of work.

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If you are going into social sciences, definatly take Music. And despite some peoples opinions ( im not saying anyone here) but you can go places with arts degrees and social science etc, and it can be very fulfilling intellectually.

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the only 2 reasons i'm ultimately considering switching out of MT are cause 1] i can't sing very well 2] even non-science university courses require physics or other sciences


but since i'm probably going into the humanities i dont suppose that makes a great deal of difference. And i don't wanna switch out cause i love drama and i worked hard to get through the audition process for MT


ohhh, reason #3 for MT being sketchy: 1/3 of the people in the course are brain-dead, ditsy, moronic, annoying, preppy, suburban, dumbass white girls (but another 1/3 are hilarious guys and the last 1/3 is intelligent and cool girls)


so it's really a toss up

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In terms what you'd learn in high school physics, you aren't missing much. The people who teach highschool physics usually don't know anything about physics. Anyways, hardest part of physics for people taking freshman physics is the math (mostly algebra) not the physics.


On the other hand, if there is chance in the future that you would need that course as a prereq, the red tape could be a huge headache depending on where you go for university. I know where I did my undergraduate, (U of MB) getting permission to take first year physics without the prereq would be a pain in the @55 like you wouldn't believe, even though its your money that you would waste if you failed.


Just one last bit of advice, you prolly heard this before, but try to keep you options open as long as possible. Most people go to university planning on studying one thing and end up in something entirely different. One of my friends enter university in the fine arts honours program, but now he's just started his M.Sc. in physics. Things change really fast when you start going to university. You also learn really quickly which of you hs teachers were good and which were bad.

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