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Harry Potter (!hbp Spoiler Warning!)

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so i'm sure i'll probably take a bunch of criticism for making this topic so quicky, but yeah, i already read the book, took me about 4 and a half hours, and i must say:























i was extremely unpleased with the way it was done. JKR changed all the characters horrifically. Everyone was OOC and i hope she is just trying to throw us all a curveball with what ashe is doing because this book seriously was nowheer near the calibre of the others.


I'll talk more about this when you other people have had a chance to read the books. Either that or i'll wait till the flaming starts and i'll try and defend myself.

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I edited the title so that we can discuss spoilers freely here. If anyone has read this far and does not wish to have the book spoiled, cease reading.


I enjoyed the book, although I found the first 2/3 of it to be much more slow than usual. Dumbledore's death was disappointing, but I guess I was prepared for it with the internet spoilers that I'd seen. I don't really agree with you that anyone was OOC, but I would like to know which characters and events you are referring to. I do agree that this book was very different from those previous, but I don't think it was all bad. I guess, really my only complaint with the book was, as I mentioned, nothing happened for the first 2/3 of it.

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I really don't understand the Harry Potter craze. Maybe Im just not with it. I used to be with it, then they changed what it was, now what I am with, isnt it, and whats it, seems weird and scary to me.


but seriously ive never read any of the books and never plan to, so i guess i'll never understand its "greatness"

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I've already and I thought it was a very strange new direction. That part where Ron stabbed that guy in the neck with a pen for calling Harry a kike was a little wierd. And what was up with having Hermes addicted to blow?


Oh wait. I was watching Casino.

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Yea it was definitly out of character. Everywhere. It was f'in annoying. I'll list off the ones i spotted + other things that pissed me off:



-Malfoy not killing Dumbledore

-Harry asking out Ginny (wtf WAS that? Something to appease shippers?)

-Dumbledore's "Please....Snape...No!" (although i suspect it was a put on. nevertheless)

EDIT: -actually we can add the Tonks and Lupin thing here too


Things that pissed me off:

-The vampire cameo (again, wtf? relevance?)

-Bill getting bitten by a werewolf (wt freaking f?!?)

-Tonks and Lupin (i can only type wtf? so may times)


And one question i have:

What was Malfoy doing in the room of requirement? I didn't get that. Was it repairing the wardrobe?


In summation, the book to me was like JK searching through all the fan fics for ideas and then encorporating them within the story.


On a side note: What do we make of Snape now?

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Malfoy not killing Dumbledore was totally in character. Have you even read the other books? Malfoy is very good at playing someone big and important in front of others, but whenever it came down to actually standing up against someone, or taking action, he never could.


The Harry-Ginny relationship was obviously coming right from the beginning of the series. Ginny's infatuation with Harry was for sure going to develop into more sometime in the series. When Ginny grew up a bit, Harry eventually took interest. I didn't know for sure that Harry would ever like Ginny back, but it was easy to predict that Ginny would still like Harry.


Dumbledore pleading with Snape did seem odd, but I think he finally realised that Harry was right all along and Snape would have to kill him to keep his oath with Narcissa.


I don't see what your problem was with the vampire, other than you seem to be needing stuff to complain about.


Bill being attacked by the werewolf will be a major plotline next book.


Tonks and Lupin will somehow be tied into the werewolf Bill storyline.


The cupboard is in the room of requirement.

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I can see your point with Malfoy. I concede there.


As for Ginny/Harry, no matter what way you look at it: it was bullcrap. It wasn't a shock of course, that Ginny still liked him. But honestly, all of a sudden Harry (who was completly flustered when Cho kissed him) is madly in love with Ginny and can't stop thinking about her, and then lunges in for a passionate kiss from her near the end. That was completly out of character. Harry's NEVER shown signs of liking Ginny. And he's had 5 books to do it in.


In regards to Dumbledore/Snape, I personally don't think Dumbledore was wrong just yet. It's not like Dumbledore to plead for his life. At all. I think that was a complete put-on, and Snape didn't want to kill him but didn't have much of a choice. And Dumbledore knew the same.


The vampire pissed me off, because it seemed to me like JK felt obligated to write one in just to appease the fans.


If Bill actually BECAME a werewolf, i wouldn't complain in the slightest. It's just pretty dismissive to give him such serious injuries and say "oh well we don't know what will happen. TUNE IN NEXT BOOK!!" "'E likes raw meet" "Ahahahaha shut up Fleur and go surrender to Germany"


And even assuming that JK told you about Tonks and Lupin being tied into the Bill storyline personally, their now sketchy relationship was still out of nowhere. (not out of nowhere in regards to this book, but in regards to Order of the Phoenix)

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hmm, well, i don't have a lot of time right now, but i'll post a few points here quickly




i can't believe no one has mentioned this yet. K, first of all, Hemrione has NEVER been portrayed as a jealous person before, and she usually didn't care about a lot of what people said about her, but all of a sudden she was jealous of Ron???? That was weird! and also, where was her classic bossiness, and her complete trust and backing of Harry 100%?!?!?!?! thats one of her hugest character points!! she was such a flat character in this book, it made me so angry. she was even lacking her 'run to the library without an explanation every 5 seconds' character trait. dammit.


Harry randomly kissing Ginny, and him 'all of a sudden' having an 'animal in his chest'. that was completely out of nowhere. Either JKR has been reading some completely horrible fanfction, or she just cannot write love/romance at all!


Harry and Ron throughout the series have been portrayed as completely useless around girls, and then out of nowhere they start kissing Ginny and Lavender?!?! that was odd.


i'm still not entirely convinced snape is evil:


i have to correct static. Dumbledore never said 'please' or 'no' to Snape, all he said was 'Severus'


basically, it goes a little bit like this:


Snape has never had a character developement chapter before, which he got in the second chapter of the book. This basically goes to prove that whatever happened in that chapter would of course become extremely relevant later in the book. Of course i am speaking of the unbreakable vow. I think that Snape's is a bit of a coward, and that he fears death, and so therefore he would rather keep his oath to Narcissa about keeping Malfoy safe than showing his true colours for the good side (if in fact, the good side is his true colours. remember this is only a theory)


Also, what else needs to be kept in mind, or at least discussed, is the small possibility that Dumbledore EXPLICITLY trusts Snape, and Snape was the only one that Dumbledore told about where he was going (apart from Harry) and Dumbledore knew that something horrible might happen. This might explain the pleading to Severus in the tower. Perhaps Dumbledore was pleading to Snape to end his pain as well as save Malfoy. Perhaps Snape knew that he might be asked to do this last task for Dumbledore, and that he would be the only one Dumbledore trusted to be able to do it, as any unforgivable curse performed would be waved off as something that had to be done for Snape to stay in disguise. It would also help his disguise with the death Eaters and Voldemort. ALSO, as Dumbledore said, Draco does not have the willpower to kill him, and i doubt any of the other members of the staff, other than Snape, would have been able to come through in the clutch, and actually perform the curse. The character building that JKR has done on Dumbledore has led me to this small possibilty. I doubt that Dumbledore could have made the mistake of trusting Severus had there not been undeniable proof in favour of doing so. As we know, the only mistake Dumbledore has ever made was concerning Harry and the witholding of the prophecy because of LOVE. I do not think that Dumbledore holds (sorry, held) those same feelings for Snape as he did for Harry.


The one last thing that we can't forget is the small hint that JKR drops in the form of Dumbledore telling Harry about his memories of Tom (Voldemort) coming the one last time to ask for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, and why THE POST COULD ONLY BE HELD FOR ONE YEAR. Not enough information was supplied on this subject, and so i cannot make any further guesses as to what effect this might have on Snapes actions.





also, just for those people out there who are R/Hr shippers, dont get too happy, JKR said that the final relatioship between those two would require some major readong between the lines, and this book was WAY too obvious for my liking.


also, JKR seemed to be in too much of a rush to get to the end. in the other books, she always has some filler space where she can character build or make background story. she never did that in this one, and that disappointed me.


all in all, this book disappointed me, i have to say, and not just because of the ships that sailed. and then sunk. horribly.


and yeah, also, we learn for real that the 'weapon he knows not' (voldemort) refers to love. Harry and Ginny were nowhere close to love, and he's going to need a lot of love when he gets to battle voldy, and i doubt that Ginny will give it to him. even if Harry and Mione never move beyond platonic, she will always be the #1 girl in his life. in addition to that, Hermione had to comprimise herself to be with Ron, and i doubt that that will continue, she doesnt stand for that sort of thing. Also, they never actually got together.


anyways, i have SO MUCH more to say, im currently trying to arrange my thoughts properly so they wont be all disarrayed like this post. when i finally do, i will make a properly organized post defending my views and the like on the book.


so yeah, ciao for now

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Sounds like JK had trouble making the transition between a children's novel featuring 11 year old kids to making a novel with a bunch of teenagers that isn't a children's novel.


I've never really been into the HP craze, but I read a few of the books and wouldn't mind knowing how the plot goes.

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i have to correct static. Dumbledore never said 'please' or 'no' to Snape, all he said was 'Severus

You're half right. He doesn't say 'no' but he does say 'Severus....Please....' It's two lines before Snape actually utters Avada Kedavra


But i completly agree with the rest of your post wholeheartedly. I'd like to add that i think that another reason Snape killed Dumbledore, is because Voldemort would have killed Malfoy if he didn't kill Dumbledore. The fact that Dumbledore has a strong reason for believing Snape and has taken that reason to the grave, suggests that there is still more to Snape that we haven't discovered. I think a lot of what Snape did in that chapter was trying to follow his death eater image as closely as possible. Obviously he was already suspected to be a traitor by Bellatrix, so i think it was inevitable in the story for Snape to do something so appalingly "death-eater-like" that it confirmed his allegiance. What does this better than murdering Dumbledore?

And i think Dumbledore knew this from the get go. It's ooc for Dumbledore to be pleading with someone. It is more in his nature to quietly accept his fate, or cautiously defend himself in both words and actions. Not "Severus....Please..." I think i'm going to like the last book a lot better than all the others.

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This book seemed very different. When I was done reading it I thought that this book must be an information filler because it seemed to focus on information more that action. Also I think that JK slowed things down before the climax.


Now as for these crazy relationships, all of you have to take a step back to when you were a crazy horomone filled teenager. Now times that feeling by 100 and you've just made yourself a teenage wizard! These kids are running around the school not being able to do ummmm what every person does. So they express it by getting into relationships....and yes Ginny is a slut!


As for the whole Bill getting torn up, I think JK wanted to do this so that Fleur could prove herself infront of Mrs. Wealsey that she wasn't shallow. She didn't care that Bill was now gonna look like Mad-Eye, and thats how Mrs. Wealsey agreed to their marriage.


And now last but not least, who the hell is R.A.B.? And how did he/she discover about the Horcruxes?


Done my rant....

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my god, people, it's just a book. go wrap yourself up in real life.

The irony of you posting this on the internet seems to be lost.

yes, because once i log off, all i do is talk about the internet(s) and all the wonderful people i've encountered. also, i wait in line for days to be the first person to log onto the interweb.


and naturally, you've missed the irony of you reading it on the internet - if, in fact, there is any irony involved in any of this.

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R.A.B. is Regulus A. Black, brother of Sirius. He was one of the Death Eaters, but he decided he wanted out and Voldemort ordered him killed. I am sure more about it will be explained next book.


(Note: R.A.B. = Regulus A. Black is just my own speculation, but as far as I know there are no other characters who fit the initials.)

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I can't tear my eyes away from saturine's avatar, so mezmerizing...




I eventualy thought of regulus too, after leafing feverishly through OOTP. I later found out that most people think that. He's dead though so...


...he just keeps bashing his head on the keyboard over and over again...




hmmm, i think it's probly a new character. and what about the whole connection to dumbledore and pheonixes, they are reborn in fire... he went up in flames...

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The B initial made me immediately think of Black when I read it, but I did have to doublecheck the first name to see if it fit.


I wonder if book 7 will even go into that horcrux much; Harry is skeptical about its destruction, but if it really was Regulus, then the chances are very high that it is long gone.

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R.A.B. is Regulus A. Black, brother of Sirius. He was one of the Death Eaters, but he decided he wanted out and Voldemort ordered him killed. I am sure more about it will be explained next book.


(Note: R.A.B. = Regulus A. Black is just my own speculation, but as far as I know there are no other characters who fit the initials.)

*gasp* Shit, i thought it was going to be a new character because i couldn't think of anyone mentioned with those initials. But i definitly forgot about Regalus.

You totally win a cake. Or my respect. Or something. Whatever's most valuable.

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