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Great track, but:

we'll i like it here /cause nothing seems impossible/and i need to know that's possible/maybe not before/but i'm not so sure anymore




i think this track was likely written either just before or right after song for the girl. cause nothing seems impossible, and i need to know that's possible--maybe not before... but i'm not so sure anymore. hmmph.

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I don't think this is the best place to come when you want to trash a song by Matt Good.

This is what we call a FAN site.


sure this is exactly the right place to come to trash a matt good song. a FAN is entitled to say he doesn't like a song. i enjoy his music and have enjoyed his stuff since the very start of his career, however, this is one song that I RECKON (notice the I) totally sucks.


i'm sure others think the same, and as they do, I'm entitled to that opinion, because that's exactly what it is.


if i'm not able to express my opinion at a matt good fan site where people will talk about anything and everything matt good, where else do you suggest a go. maybe Jessica Simpson's site? or perphaps Canadian Idol message boards?



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i personally think it's fun, i mean it's just soothing to listen to. but no go ahead and bash, you're right it's a fansite. we're all matt lovers here, we understand that beauty of his music so there is more love than hate going on. i think if anything that makes us more entitled to say what we don't like than others. i get pissed off when people who hate him complain. haha does that make sense at all?

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Yeah hate to say it but I like it more than Fearless..I don't really like that one. *bashing of me begins........NOW!!*

Edit: I take that back....just listened to Fearless, I'm thinking it's better. ;)

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i just listened to annabelle again ... it has that hotel bar lounge feel to it where there's only two people in the band... a drummer and a keyboardist ala the swingers movie... i think he must have been playing around with garageband and drum samples. it's an ok song overall, but imo, not one of his better ones...

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