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Dan #2

Sex, Drugs And Cocoa Puffs

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what a great book. it's basically a schitzophrenic look at a man's life, and random outbursts toward our pop/consumer culture, but it's much weirder than that. oddly coordinated and delicously sexcellent.


i'll lend you my copy if you want.




(sorry for the shitty scan. i tried to push it down, but it still came up with the lines...)

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Well, now that i am a good way through, i can say that this is the funniest and wittiest book i've ever read. I love the part where he tears up Chris Martin because his girlfriend ditched him to see a Coldplay show. It was hilarious.

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nice nails, prettyboy

they're pink and purple now.


is your 'i broke up' referring to xiu xiu?

and if you lived slightly closer, i'd take you up on your offer.

What offer would that be? Explicit or implied?


And yes, that is in reference to Xiu Xiu. You've introduced me to anew favourite band. Thank you.

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