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Mg Hater Haha

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this guy i know is into a lot of bands i don't like (TBS, MCR etc) and i don't say anything about them unless someone else brings it up, and so he's taking a sort of revenge and he's posted this in his msn myspace haha.


Link iddin't work..



A Letter To Matt Good and His "Band"


Hello Matt Good Band, Unfortunately, I must address you by name, so uttering that which is most loathed and detested, the creature known as matthew good. You are the human equivalent of a broken lava-lamp. Repulsive, doesn't work, 30 years behind the times, and full of oily slime. You are so nauseatingly dim you probably haven't the least idea why I have been moved to vent my feelings, however, delicately, concerning your snivelling existence. Have you ever thought of slowly strangling yourself? I know I have. If you cut your losses now, and exit this mortal coil you could return as say, a leech or a slug. I of course, will have the salt ready. Your mere existence has for me offered proof there is no God, no hope, no justice and the most miserable future for humankind. The worst insult that can be hurled at you in some cultures is to signify that your mother was a pig. Rabid ferrets have more social grace than you. Have you ever thought of what your funeral will be like? Have you ever seen someone spray cockroaches with insecticide then brush them into a garbage-bag? The only difference I guess, is that in your case more than one can of insecticide would be used. I have seen more convivial things than you wrapped up in newspaper in overfull bins at the fishmarkets. You volumous pile of pavement scrapings. Kennel floors are littered with faecal entities more deserving of dignity than yourself. Upon reading this, you are probably muttering something like "Ho ho, sour grapes." You have a point. But my rejoinder, vinegar face, is what hope did those grapes ever have while you live and breathe? I fear that I may be beating about the bush here, and that my message may not be getting through. Imagine a cockroach crawling out of a can of drink you have just been enjoying. That metaphor doesn't even come close to expressing the sheer unmitigated horror, the disgust, the dry retching I must endure at the mere thought that you, sadly, exist. Single-handedly, you have wrenched all meaning out of life. Congratulations. Have you any idea how truly offensive you are, have you any idea at all? Do you know what an idea is? Sorry. Unfair question. A slime mould has more empathy for others than you. If you once had any redeeming quality, it has been strangled and garrotted by your other brutish traits. You probably think that when you utter one of your nonsenses, people turn their head in deep thought at the wisdom of your philosophies. Has it even remotely occurred to you that perhaps they turn their heads because your breath reeks like a camel's groin? To have you enter a room is the social equivalent of walking up to someone with a wet, cold, soiled nappy and slapping it in their face. Have you ever wondered why you have no fans? (except the dull witted imbeciles who cant tell good music from a broken record), only people who do their pathetic best to avoid you? Doesn't it disturb you that you are such a social anathema, such a repulsive unnatural force that the only forum left open to you, possibly, is state politics? I cannot continue with this epistle. What is the point? You are so stupid you probably don't realise these strange black markings called letters are imbued with meaning.

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the absolute funniest thing about that letter is that its basically so open and undirect that you could "*insert name here*" and it could be about anyone.



at least if you're going to rip into someone, rip into them personally, instead of being so vague and generic.


if i ever came across something like that directed at me, i would print it, and take it directly to a psychologist to see what the fuck is wrong with the guy.

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the absolute funniest thing about that letter is that its basically so open and undirect that you could "*insert name here*" and it could be about anyone.

i'm almost certain that's exactly what this is


EDIT: having fervently combed the intraweb, i've deduced that this diatribe is, in fact, copied and pasted throughout this world wide web we weave.


saturnine, out.

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I don't know, read the first couple lines, sounded like a bunch of mindless drivel so I stopped. That guy is allowed to think what he wants or like/hate what he wants, it's just...Why waste your time like that? I loathe Good Charlotte yet I don't spend my time putting together a generic hate letter to a site full of their fans. The guy obviously has no taste whatsoever. Probably wears white after Labour day too, idiot.

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Fuck, one thing is for sure, whoever wrote that should buy a better thesaurus.



Which is ironic considering you were chastising someone in regards to the written language.

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