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Remember That Time Wlrrr...

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It' the hazard of buying it the day it comes out, I guess. I rushed to CD Warehouse the morning after the 2nd Ottawa show, foolishly thinking there might be some demand for it. There was a big stack of them on the shelf and nobody else in the store :\


I do, however, remember getting an unopened Loser Anthems for about $12 after Crusader gave the heads up ;)

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I remember when it sold for $0.99 on Amazon. I thought it was a joke, and was confused for a while. I thought about buying one, but I already had 2 copies so I didn't.


EDIT: As I read this back I realize how lame it sounds.

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christ dude...


sarcastic smart-ass remarks lose their power (if they had any) when you use them with every fucking post you make. Why not throw in a couple of neutral posts once in a while? you know- mix it up- show that you have some diversity- that you can be more than a one-trick-pony.




oh, wait...

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