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I got dragged to see this movie on opening day, and expected the movie to be absolute crap, "When machines go bad!!!" kinda thing. But I ended up enjoying it alot more then I expected. The "Evil" ship, named Eddy (What's a creapy ship with out a name like HAL =P), was only really the middle portion on the movie. They had other plots throughout the beginning, and end, which weren't all bad.


Now don't get me wrong though. Just because it was better then garbage, doesn't make this a great movie, there were ton's of flaws, lots of important plots points they just kinda skimmed over to accomplish a "cool" scene later on in the film.


The lead roles consist of your token black guy, who's sole purpose is comeidic relife, which doesn't bode well for him in the 2nd half of the movie, when they try to go for a more serious tone.

Then you've got your white male "hero", who's destined to save the day in the end.

And finnally your sexy, bookworm, female character, who falls madly in love with the hero.


Anywho, if you're really desprate to go see something, this movie probably won't dissapoint, but if you go into this movie expecting gold...enter at you're own risk.

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I saw the preview for this a couple of months ago and was instantly struck by the sheer stupidity of the idea. The first impression has never lead me astray before, when I chose to obey it that is, disregarding it has caused nothing but regret (an example would be being talked into seeing "Darkness Falls"). For some reason I gave this movie a chance. Mistake. It was the dullest, most formulaic pile of crap I've seen in many years. At no point is there a semblence of originality, the dialogue leaves everything to be desired, and realism?? hah!

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i have to agree with Mr.HoboFactory. first impression are more than not right. this movie looks like one of the worst things put out since....well i guess since catwoman. owww!! it even hurts to type it out.

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It bombed so bad in the box office, they're expecting it to be Sony's biggest cinema financial loss to date. $13.5M on opening weekend. It was apparently pulled from most theatres round here after the first week.

and jamie foxx still cashes his cheque for millions.. granted, his credibility is now shot to hell, but like i said, he still cashes his cheque for millions

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