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Nf Videos In A New Format

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I'm thinking we need some sort of throtle for these videos. By the way it's going we won't be able to keep the videos up the entire month.


We may have to implement a 1 view per day video system.



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You could always cycle which ones are up at any given time, such as have the videos from LOTGA and Underdogs as "Set #1", the ones from BM and AoB as "Set #2" and the videos from Avalanche and WLRRR up as "Set #3". Have "Week #1" have "Set #1", so on and so forth.


But bandwidth usage on them will more than likely go down after "In a Coma" is released with said Music Videos.

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The videos will be coming back in a new format.

this an example of a sentence that no matter when used, will always get the geeks excited.




i love geeks. i just wish there were more female ones... better looking female ones. like on that movie with rachel whats-her-name and the guy from scooby doo.


edit: i think his name is freddie prince jr.

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