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Symbolistic White Wall Lyrics

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Open your eyes

The nights and days

You close them up and float away

And somehow in between

You gotta master lying to yourself

You back the cause

Get out of school

You get a job

The job gets you

And somehow every day

You end up serving somebody else

If that ain't panic that you're feeling

Well you damn well better start

You can drive it into that head of yours

With that hammer in your heart


From 49music.net I'm pretty sure the first line is picturize. But whatever.

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I haven't heard it in FOREVER as it was lost with my old computer. But i think i always heard it as: "Picturize the nights and days. You close your eyes and float away"


The last 4 lines have always been among my favorite mg/b lyrics.

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i just listened to the extended version... it's DEFINETLY "open your eyes..."

I hear picturize....could it be there are different copies of stuff floating around,.....could it be that he changed it up / forgot? ;)....but yeah I picturize.....and the master line...I always picture as you got a "masters degree" lying to yourself...kind of like you when through the motions vbecause it was expected....and well that fits with the other lines...


but it could just be master lying to yourself....

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