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Rodchester Kings

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Dumb question, but does anyone know, deffinitively, if all the Rodchester Kings songs have been mp3ized? I've found Before you, and Message to God, but I've seen no signs of:

-William Sits In Avalon

-The Jangolier

-Full Moon In Pisces

And I wanna know if I should even bother still looking...


And while we're (I'm) on the topic, what about:

-Should've Been A Super Villain


I've, as far as I know, been able to find everything else (with alot of help with some of you guys on the form), but I'm kinda a completionist, sp I feel really close yet at the same time pretty far ;) .


Anywho, anybody? any help?

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As far as I know Should Have Been a Super Villan and Reliance were never recorded, so you wont find em.



The Rodchester Kings, I'm not too sure about.

I'm sure someone somewhere has em... not me though.

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