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"rocked: Sum 41 In Congo"

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They shouldn't have given away all their money, they could certainly stand to give away a great portion of it though. What they could have done though, was realize that being a part of the seeming BS War Child thing is the least a canadian pop star can do. Were I, lets say... Cone, I would opt to stay behind and help the Locals rebuild when the fighting stops, or whatever else a foriegner can do in such a situation.

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thats a good idea, i like the way you think. instead of just going there, seeing how shitty it is and writing an album about it that people will forget in a few years, they could've actually gone and made a difference themselves. if you have the opportunity and means, why not?

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how much of their money do they have to give away to be free of criticism based on their success? they never really claimed to be there for unselfish reasons. but nevertheless , I think they thought they were doing their part by spreading awareness. And they did that. so, good for them.


It was really interesting watching them debate what to sing for the children... they must have felt really embarrassed because their songs and fame are so trivial when compared to those childrens lives. they write pop punk and are awarded with wealth that those kids can't even comprehend. but I don't think the children really have a concept of america's 'larger than life' celebrities anyway.


it's interesting when they interview kids in developing countries about what they aspire to be when they grow up. the answer is usually " teacher, or doctor" because those are the most successful people they know of.

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