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In my room, I have concert tickets for two very important concerts:

on September 22nd, The Mars Volta will open for... SYSTEM OF A DOWN!


Also, on November 14th, Death From Above 1979 and Queens Of The Stone Age will open for... NINE INCH (FUCKING) NAILS!!!!!


Floor seats!

if you think I'm nuts, ask lauren how much I love NIN and you shall understand.

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oh yeah? well... MICK JAGGER IS MY DAD!

so there

i would love to have mick jagger be my dad! even if all his viens do explode, i don't care. think of all the cool people i could schmooze with! and i could be like kelly osbourne or something and ride his coatails!

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Damn you mrs. jesus, your dad is so much cooler than mine...


Also, Lauren gave me an idea, if Mick Jagger was my dad, I'd use my status as his son, find Kelly Osbourne... and KILL HER!

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