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Better Canadian Pre-teen Show

which is better  

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  1. 1. which is better

    • Radio Free Roscoe
    • Ready or Not

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Since I haven't seen either of these shows I shall flip a coin!


Heads- Ready Or Not

Tail- Radio Free Roscoe


Heads, which means Ready Or Not wins.










*Note* I didn't really waste my time flipping a coin because I'm really poor, I don't even have a penny. I just chose Ready Or Not cause it was easier to type!

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Agreed. But at least Ready or Not had a moral to each of their episodes or a lesson learned at the end of the day.


Actually, now that i think about it...I cast my vote for The Wonder Years.

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I liked Radio Free Roscoe better out of the two, though I did watch some of Ready or Not and had a big crush on Laura Bertram who would later go on to be in the series, Andromeda. Most of the music played on RFR was awesome and to me one of the highlights of the series was when Ray poured out his heart to Lily who angrily rejected him. Ali Mukaddam (Ray) did a great job conveying his sadness and anger. You felt bad seeing the hurt on his face as his eyes were beginning to turn red and almost tear up, as he believed that Lily

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HAHA! I haven't seen neither one of these shows. I met this girl in Mexico, jeez I forget her name but she is one of the actresses for Degrasi Junior High or whatever. I don't even remeber her characters name either. Emily...Emma...I think it's emma. But she has long blonde hair and very skinny. Who knows....

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