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The Aristocrats

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Dear Mike,


Though I've already said what I'm about to say to you, I'm going ot type it out anyway. This is mainly because I'm a jerk. The movie will be released in Canada. The only advertisement I've heard/seen has been on 102.1 The Edge, an Alan cross vehicle. This to me proves that it will in fact be released at least in Canada. The brains behind this movie was on one of the late nighters the other night, and it seems that due to the apperent interest expressed in this movie, it will not be as limited a release as it was originally intended to be. With limited releases there are always places to go in Toronto to see them, and even places in the GTA that show them, Winston Churchill AMC being an example. So in conclusion Mike, just because you started a thread about this, doesn't mean a) you came up with the idea first or B) you are better than me in any way shape or form. I had the idea to see this movie today at work, probably before you were even born. Even ask Frank. I'm the best.


Love Eric.

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i'm sure all that has a story behind it that no one else but you two (three, if you include frank) knows about..



i've never heard about this movie at all. i did, however, thoroughly enjoy the aristocats.

i remember that movie slightly. i cant recall if i actually saw it or not.


and yes, the_rat_who_would_be_king and i are the only ones who know what that post was about.


i'm just peeved that he used my real name and not my call-sign. who does this guy think he is? juanpe?

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so yeah. saw the movie last night with "the_rat_who_would_be_king" and another who doesn't use this board. it was quite enjoyable. i'd definitely recommend the movie, even to people who werent familiar with the joke. it's probably the funniest movie ive seen all summer.

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