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The Return Of Panic Button

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there are enough roadblocks without creating some more internally. with this in mind i've decided to scrap under attack, as well as the projector ep and use those tracks on a future panic button album. it's a sad state of affairs when i have to create a side project to get the other half to play music i actually enjoy.


it makes no sense to continue this. when a six pack of beer and a one hour bus ride to the other side of the city is the only incentive to get someone to leave their parents basement. it's just not working anymore, and it's only going to get worse.


i can't play in a band with someone who's insitance that they're the leader, and who's ego prevents the band from going anywhere. i'll continue to write lyrics, and or sing backup for matchem, if desired, but i don't see the positives in learning thirteen songs i don't particularly enjoy playing.


yesterday, before i went out to celebrate my twenty fourth birthday with a few friends, i spoke to a drummer, and bassist who are very interested in learning a handful of songs, practicing those songs, and playing them live before settling down to record.


it's no big secret that i loved playing in this band. even through to the time of the bands apparent demise back in december i always knewk picking up the pieces was a viable option if i ever got stuck. it worked with norm, it worked with kyle and solomon, it worked with kyle, solomon and jim, and then again with just solomon. the key ingredient was well written songs, and honest lyrics.


it bothered me knowing that i didn't have solid recordings of songs like naomi, and turn of the century. i showed them to chris, and he called them crap. mostly i guess i'm just looking forward to showing these songs to people that will appreciate them.


source: taken from the official panic button news page.

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panic button - fearless in your dreams.

01 turn of the century [slow mix]

02 pulled apart by magnets

03 a tired song for the car ride home

04 sing the song of our undoing


this four track acoustic ep will be released shortly before, or in combination with the full length album.


panic button - enjoy mediocrity.

01 naomi

02 heavy hearts

03 echoes

04 everyone's good for something

05 the one i am

06 come home

07 turn of the century

08 end of transmission

09 a holiday away


this will more than likely be the last panic button album. after that i'll be focusing my full attention on my other band.

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the best of panic button - five years of panic [2001-2006]


to mark five years with panic button i plan to release a best of cd of acoustic tracks, and a cd of unreleased tracks, possibly with artwork or some other junk.


pretenious!? probably. surprised!? you really shouldn't be.


disc one.

01 killing time

02 echoes

03 come home

04 the one i am

05 heavy hearts

06 end of transmission

07 sing the song of our undoing

08 my paper heart burns [live at the rockwater 10/30/04]

09 lost


disc two.

01 the panic button

02 the one i am [weichel's vocals]

03 creep [radiohead cover]

04 come home [basement demo 06/07/04]

05 echoes [basement demo 06/07/04]

06 turn of the century [basement demo 06/07/04]

07 i'll see you when the final bell chimes [basement demo 06/07/04]

08 end of transmision [basement demo 10/27/04]

09 the age of innocence [basement demo 10/24/04]

10 tales from the cutting room floor [demo 08/02/04]

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