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5.5 doesn't exist. surround sound comes in either 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1, or 9.2. but there aren't even any formats capable of doing 7.1 - 9.2 discretely, and only a handful that do 6.1. everything above 6.1 is merely simulated.


as for the surround cds i have, the best is dark side of the moon. i also have nine inch nails' the downward spiral and with teeth as well as david bowie's heathen. obviously the nine inch nails cds add to the whole effect with 5.1

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You can't really record something "to 5.1". 5.1 is just a type of mix.


Albums are recorded in multi-track format. For example, most major-label albums in the 90s were recorded to 48-track. With systems like ProTools, the number of tracks is nearly limitless. You can mix those tracks into any x.x you want. You can even mix 4-track recordings into 5.1 with sound effects and processing (though it usually sounds like shit).


So, yeah, it'd be possible to mix Avalanche into 5.1. No problem. Whether it's already been done or not is the better question.


/info dork

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