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Holy Crap What Is This Song?

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I accidently clicked on someone's sig on here, and got linked to this website: MG link


click on the song "All Together" if it doesn't automatically start playing when the page loads.


So what is this song? I've never heard it before. Or maybe i'm just an idiot and its on some album somewhere?

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WHOA that song rocks


I miss these things since I'm not so up with the internet ;(


can someone please take the time to list songs such as this one, that go under the radar and don't get released? such as the slow version of Future is X-rated, that kind of thing.


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Wow, all together is a really good song. I've been a Matt Good fan for while now, but never really looked around on the net too much for sites like this or anything. I've learnt that there is a lot I didn't know about.


I just found that little list of unreleased songs and such http://www.nearfantastica.com/bored/index....9&hl=unreleased

This may not be the biggest list or even the full list, but here it is

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the rat who would be king is such a great song to listen to,i heard it live last year for the first time,i was speechless,there are some songs i dont expect heasr cause he wrote them with mgb,but keep bringing the surprises,

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