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here's an experiment. not sure if it'll work, but its worth a shot. we all understand how musical tag works, this works in a very similar fashion. the point in the game is to connect two bands using the members of the bands and the other bands they've been in. you can't connect using producers or roadies or groupies or guest appearances or anything like that. soooo...


for example, if i wanted to connect MGB with queens of the stone age, i'd say:


MGB, Dave Genn -> DSK, Glen Vegas -> 60 Cycle, Troy Van Leeuwen -> Queens of the Stone Age


so that "band map" reads that dave genn was in MGB but was also in DSK with glen vegas, who was in 60 cycle with troy of queens of the stone age. get it? i don't know if thats the best way of writing things, and i'm open to suggestion, but that's basically how it works.


so each turn, you map together the two bands suggested in the turn before yours and then make a new suggestion.


because i mapped MGB and queens of the stone age together, now i'll make a new suggestion. the next person has to connect: Nine Inch Nails to Ministry.

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